14 thoughts on “Hunger Strike: Temple of the Dog

      1. yeah me too. Just incredible that Eddie is the only one left out of all of those astoundingly talented artists..it’s also fucked up too. Kind of meta story to the people I have lost personally and my own struggles with addiction

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        1. I totally dig, bro. It breaks my heart, the destruction that awaits the genius. I remember how sick I was when Scott Weiland died. Now Chris…it crushes me because music is such a significant part of my being…my writing is influenced in large part by music. I feel like all of my idols are doomed.

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          1. Yes, but it is a good ship–the ship of the creative. Despite our darkness, we are true. What’s more beautiful than truth? I no longer fear death, because I believe in energy. And energy cannot be destroyed. When I die, I will have gained admittance to the ultimate concert.

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