rip torn

Sheldon, you hit hard, my friend. This is an excellent piece. ❤

Sheldon Kleeman


scratching his nose

at this point wasn’t

a choice,face down

he falls asleep in what

was a kitchen plate

living with the roaches

the depth of this hole

is deeper than his

soul,cries for more,

not for……..all he

wants is more,numb

he runs from pain to

pain,the rush of adrenaline

is in the score,uhf,cartoons

in the afternoon, he purposefully

lies still in order to…..and

gets up when he believes

the rush will be enough

baby laxative who would

of thought,we all choose

are poison now and than

lines and 714’s it was

his life,suddenly there

was a knock,fools

ran,while others

who knew better

there would be more


thankfully not just this one

Life experiences

I am connecting

My dots again

This is an expression

Of my situation &

circumstances,this is

Not the present but the pass

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