Allane, my kindred spirit, hitting me in the feels today…


Dearest Kindred,
I read more of your book today. I’m sorry that it’s taking me so damned long.
Truth is I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading. I never thought that’d ever be a thing for me, not reading. It is a thing though.
Life overtook me. Having kids…so wonderful an experience for many, just. stopped. time. for me. I can’t explain this (not the time), but it was just the hardest time in my life. I didn’t just give up reading, I gave up on life. I existed, you know?  I feel you’ll know, even though you had a completely different experience to me. You feel me though, so…you’ll know.
I appreciate your presence in my life, you see. I want to let you know this.
Today I sat in McDonald’s, ate a mediocre breakfast, drank a coffee that was way too strong – do they do ‘half…

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