6 thoughts on “Rubbing Alcohol

  1. One time, my father-in-law arrived drunk at the airport to pick up my mum-in-law and I, steaming drunk. There was NO way I was going home with him, but mum went. She’d become numb to what he was doing, I think? She wanted an easy life. I was horrified though. I immediately called my brother-in-law and HE called the cops. He gave them every conceivable detail about his journey, gave the numberplate, the colour of the car, the route, everything, and you know what..? He couldn’t stand up straight, was completely wasted, but that fucker drove that car home somehow without killing anyone AND the cops didn’t even look for him!

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      1. I once stood on the landing outside my flat (on the 3rd floor) for TWO HOURS, listening to a guy beating up his screaming girlfriend without doing anything, because.;

        1. I didn’t have a phone in my flat and was truly terrified to pass the door to go to a phone box. I was afraid he’d hear me and come out.

        2. My own experiences came flooding back and I was in panic/anxiety mode.

        I have ALWAYS regretted that.

        I never once called the police on my own abuser.

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        1. Last night, our neighbors were arguing. The guy was calling the woman every name in the book. Jim and I were outside on our deck watching. Jim said, “Arnell, what’s up?! You okay?” You know, letting this prick know he was watching. Jim is a good guy. Jim doesn’t just watch shit without saying something. I love him so much for that. I actually grew so nervous, I grabbed a cleaver. The neighbors were so loud, and the guy was saying things to the woman, Jim would NEVER say to me. Bad shit. And Jim went next door to stand outside with the woman as her “man” went in and outside of the house, calling her names. All I thought was, “If this mother fucker comes at Jim, I’m cutting the bastard.” And it’s fucked up because we live in a quiet town. Shit like this doesn’t fucking happen! It’s so rare.

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