Hush (Expanded)


Fleet feet into the wood

you went; they had scent

for your blood,

and you obliged despite my caution.

I followed you through the veil

low lying grey, hush expanded,

my breadth at your heels—

but now you’ve learned.

So the sickness does spread

thick as molasses,

and you’re a boulder in my arms;

if I dropped you into the river, you’d sink.


Be still your bleeding heart.

in the wilderness, breathe even—

do not whimper.

They cannot find what they cannot hear.

And bite down on this stick.

I’ll cauterize your wounds—

mask the iron tang.

They cannot find what they cannot smell.


Rub dirt in your eyes

just in case.

It hurts less when you don’t see them coming.


22 thoughts on “Hush (Expanded)

          1. Me too, the supernatural is just what we are too dull witted to perceive. Just as a spider doesn’t understand the concept of the nation state of Norway there are just certain things we cannot grasp with our five senses. We can only intuit them if we are attuned to them.

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