The “List” Top 21

Norman Reedus is so top, he doesn’t require a number. He is Gaaaahhhh! And just so you all know, I’ve loved him long before THE WALKING DEAD. Boondock Saints, anyone?!

  1. Eva Green
  2. Joaquin Phoenix
  3. Tom Hiddleston
  4. Hugh Laurie
  5. Ruby Rose
  6. Gwen Stefani
  7. “The Edge”
  8. Mary Lambert
  9. Bruno Mars
  10. Lindsey Buckingham (1977 version)
  11. Danny Masterson (as Hyde from That 70’s Show)
  12. Val Kilmer (as Doc Holliday)
  13. Kurt Russell (as Wyatt Earp)
  14. Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)
  15. Dwight (The Office)
  16. Denzel Washington
  17. Al Pacino (even all old wrinkly and shit)
  18. Orlando Bloom (as Legolas)
  19. Johnny Depp
  20. Elijah Wood
  21. Robert Downey Jr.


    1. Holy fuck, yes! I need lots of money so I can afford the clothes she wore. Plus, her bone structure makes me want to vomit rainbows. She is so stunning, and talented. The episode where she is the insane asylum, and doesn’t speak…this bitch deserves an award. I have never seen some act their ass off the way she did.

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