1. It’s the pits when you think you say something clever, and no one gets the reference. I used to work at a hospital, and in the cafeteria one day, they were serving peas and carrots. I called them Forrests and Jennys. Only one person laughed. That person was me.

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          1. Haha! In Michigan, we have Arbor Brewing Co. I walked in, sat at the bar, and ordered the “sample platter.” It was awesome. From the shots, I picked my favorites. Which, out of ten, I liked eight, and proceeded to get lit. Ahh, good times.

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  1. I just went through something
    Similar with my daughter
    I’ve been in the hospital
    She could sleep without
    Me not being home,she
    Definitely give me meaning
    To my life,As Sheldon Always


  2. Nothing like a mother’s love ! You are a wonderful Mum Kindra….your poem says it all. And a very happy birthday to your lovely daughter !! My very best to both of you.

    Much love !!

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      1. Your daughter is SO VERY beautiful and as she is your blood she has inherited YOUR inner beauty as well as your exterior beauty and your brains and creativity. It does seem unfathomnable that you could be mom to a 20yr old I am sure that is wild to you but WELL DONE for being a mom, which is the world’s hardest and least appreciated job and if you get that right you have got it all right because nothing is as important. She is a beauty. I would be so very, very proud to have a daughter like her.

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        1. Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. ❤ Nicole is a brilliant, intelligent, kind, loving, hilarious young lady. She's an old soul, and infinitely young at heart both at once. She's strong. I'm so proud of her. You've made my heart swell. I LOVE talking about her, lol!

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