Dance on my grave if you are much obliged;

I’ve said I’m sorry, and I’m good with mine.

But what about yours?

You sit, and wait for the day of my death–

as if my death will lend you some closure.

Why should you suffer?

What if you break first?

It wouldn’t bring me happiness to dance

on your grave.

28 thoughts on “Conscience

      1. I know, me too! I’ve been feeling like I’m close to the breaking point. Juggling 10 balls while I have the flu and someone is also hitting me with a stick kind of feeling. Argh, x100! Serenity now! 😉

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          1. Me too! I love the whole show, I actually wrote a post about it if you want to read it. I’m not sure how to link you to it but it’s in my February archives called “Momentary Detour from the Usual” It talks about how I wish I could live in Seinfeld land, lol 🙂

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          2. It’s my go to mindless entertainment, even if it’s the 10th time I’ve seen an episode. We find ourselves (me, hubs and kids) constantly quoting it… “tippy-toe, tippy-toe” and “STELLLAAAA” and so many more, lol

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