Magpie in August

After months of considering my options, I have made the decision to publish my novel with Barnes and Noble. “Magpie in August” will first be released as an e-book, with a handful of print books to follow at a later date.

I had planned for my novel to go live today, 27 March, but an issue (nothing catastrophic, just really fucking irritating) has presented itself; I am confident this issue will be resolved promptly. I see no need to totally lose my shit. Ha-ha!

Even as writers, we at times find ourselves at a loss for words. This is one such time for me. I’m utterly gobsmacked. It’s bananas, isn’t it? I have spent more than a year (closer to two) bleeding my heart into this manuscript, yet I cannot articulate the emotions coursing through me. I’m on the brink of my greatest dream fading into reality. Gaaah! That’s all I got, folks. Fucking gaaahhh!

I owe eternal thanks to so many people. My family–namely Nicole, my daughter. My beloved peeps the world over–Allane Sinclair, for creating this stunning book cover. My Roll Dog, Andrea, for reading my manuscript from start to finish, including the cluster-fucks of nonsense. Carrie. Darren Hawbrook. Jim. My sister. My mother-in-law. My Aunt Denise…I don’t know if she even finished reading the final draft before she passed.

And thank you, my WordPress friends. You’ll all be the first to know when “Magpie in August” launches.







56 thoughts on “Magpie in August

          1. Hahahaha, I feel your pain, I hate them. Mostly because I’m terrible at writing them. It feels like ramming a piece of art through a meat slicer and then trying to find the end of the sellotape.

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          2. Something funny just happened, and I don’t have another way to tell you…I quit smoking, but I vape with those e-cigs, and I need a refill. I thought I was texting my husband. But! I sent this to my DAD!!! “Can I get a refill, babe. I’ll pay you back ;)” I’m fucking dying!


          1. Why thank you!! Much prefer them to horses! I humbly accept your gift and I shall name her, “she who treads lightly and wisely but knows how to have a darn good time”, or something similar in some kind of cool sounding language.

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  1. “I see no need to totally lose my shit. Ha-ha!” <= That made me laugh out-loud 😉

    It sucks when you're so close to a goal and get delayed. I hate that. But stressing out about it won't resolve anything any faster.

    I'm far from ready to publish anything. Still comparing self-publishing options. Too many factors and decisions. Makes my head hurt

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          1. Smashwords (which also has an online store that will offer mobi files for Kindles if you aren’t publishing on Amazon) will distribute to Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and places like Overdrive (the e-collections most libraries use) free of charge. If you set a price for your book, they take a small percentage of each sale. I don’t know what that number is though. I’ve never paid a dime for my books to be available at those stores.

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