A Brief Defense of My Stand with Feminism

Yesterday was International Women’s Day; one of the purposes of IWD is to call into action the advancement of gender equality. I saw a meme–a photo of a female Kurdish soldier that read something like, Happy International Women’s Day To Those Who Are Actually Oppressed. What an ignorant statement, created by the current anti-feminism sentiment in America.

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes

The words “feminism” and “feminist” have been sullied by conservative minded folks (and with the help of feminist extremists, if I’m being honest). Now, a feminist is perceived by these fucktards as abortion loving, self-entitled assholes. Generalizations– they really boil my piss. And willful ignorance? Willful ignorance boils my blood.

Oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment

The war on women’s reproductive rights and access to their reproductive healthcare, is in fact, in line with oppression. That women are paid less than a man for the same work is oppression. Does my level of oppression match that of a child-bride, or a sex slave? Fortunately, no. But as a feminist, I advocate for the rights of all women over the globe. Just because I join the Women’s March, or participate in International Women’s Day here in America does not mean I am not concerned with the treatment of women elsewhere–it doesn’t mean I’m not taking action. Look at it this way: Just because I advocate for the preservation of the Eastern Lowland Gorilla does not mean I couldn’t give a fuck less about the Javan Rhino. You feel me?










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