1. I need validation
    Not salvation .

    I’m hard on myself and I can’t let go.
    I feel so stuck, I yearn to grow.

    I think to myself, “I can be more”,
    It’s making my life feel more like a chore.

    I’ve got blessings I need to address.
    Looking back doesn’t mean I regress.

    I want to be well thought of with my name on their mind.
    Everyone says I’m one-of- a- kind.

    They sure don’t show it.
    And it makes me feel unfit.

    There I go again feeling less.
    I want more people to be bold and confess.

    At the end of the day all I have is myself,
    I’ll never settle and be put on the shelf.

    What do you live for on this day?
    Get out in the world and let yourself say
    All the beautiful and ugly things that you feel.
    I’m the only one that feels real.

    I don’t need validation.
    I need a vacation.


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          1. They probably get 100s of requests a day. Its making them stand out i guess!
            But your work should easily stand out, in fact why is it not already published? 😝

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