You Look Great!

I didn’t want to share a room. I had to share with a woman who complained loudly three times per hour that she had to use the restroom. I didn’t want a bed nearest the door. I was bed #1. I wanted to wear a bra. My husband took the bra I had worn into the hospital home with him, along with my shoes and clothes. I wanted a shower. I couldn’t shower due to the wound vac. I wanted to brush my teeth. I was given toothpaste and a toothbrush. Score 1 for Kindra!

My surgeon came in on day 2 and said, “You look great, Kindra!

I was like, “Dude. Thanks, but I’m married.”

He laughed, then replied, “I mean you can go home tomorrow.”


22 thoughts on “You Look Great!

  1. I just found your blog. I too have had a hip replacement. I was 22 and had an 8 month old daughter. I am here to tell you it was so worth it. In fact even tho my other hip was totally fine I tried to get the surgeon to replace the other so I wouldn’t have to worry later. I am now 10 years out and its great! The biggest thing is in the winter, I kept telling my hubs that my right hip is way colder than left. He thought I was crazy, so I grabbed the kids thermometer and it was 15 degrees colder than my other. I also have to have PRP injections done on the ligaments on the side of my hip every couple years, but those are nothing and help a ton. I hope your recovery goes well and it will help your pain.

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  2. Every time a salesperson asks me for my number before a sale… I’m like, “but we just met and haven’t even said hello yet. But, if you’re okay with polygamy we can be friends!” Then I wink, get slapped by my laughing wife and watch said person get flustered! (For what it’s worth, that happens regardless of the salesperson’s gender) 😛

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