Wanted: Interview Participants

Thanks to those who have agreed to assist me. More are welcome aboard! The Bridge has plenty of room.

I’d also like to learn from you Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists, and Agnostics out there.


Hello, friends!

As many of you are aware, I am now writing for The Bridge Magazine. Currently, I am working on a piece featuring religion; Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity. It’s a possibility that I will also discuss atheism and agnosticism.

Regarding the four religions listed, I will discuss the following: similarities and differences; foundations; misconceptions; and Holy Celebrations.

We at The Bridge Magazine pride ourselves on providing honest, unbiased content.

I ask that anyone devout who practices one of the mentioned religions, (including atheism and agnosticism), and is willing to participate in a written interview with me, please leave a comment of interest below, and email me a short bio to kindraa@thebridgemag.com.

I promise, you are all safe with me, and everyone at the Bridge.


Kindra M. Austin

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