1. I’ve never been able to let dead dogs rest,oil and water they don’t mix,I wish it was different, everyone always holds my feet to the fire,the spots on a leopard never change
    Sorry Kindra you struck a nerve
    The Sheldon Perspective


    1. I know. I am guilty of putting up walls. Growing up with my mother, I had to be tough, I had to hold the family together–make sure my sister was being raised well. I don’t like to rely on others, and I’m not one to seek advice from my friends–I like to work my issues out on my own mostly. But, I saw my cousins and my uncle this past Friday. They all came to my house and surprised me with birthday gifts. We had a great time together that evening, and we laughed a lot in the face of grief. My mother and I cried a lot together, too. She needed me as much I needed her. I realized I shouldn’t shut out my family. We all need to mourn my aunt together.

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