About me: if only this were the least of my worries

I’m sitting on my novel–oh, my aching ass.

I have been considering e-publishing through Smashwords on and off again for the past four months. My beautiful and talented friend designed the cover art for Magpie in August, in the event I do decide to go the e route.

This past June, the publisher I’ve most recently submitted to informed me that they are very interested in my novel, but their publishing schedule is full; they’ve invited me to resubmit in three to six months. This particular publisher is at the top of my Most Desired list. I love the work they are publishing.

I don’t know.

Or I do…

I have “the feeling” that this publisher is worth the wait. And my daughter believes I should wait to resubmit; she’s the person I trust most in my life.

Fuuuhhh…adulting is hard. Ha-ha!

17 thoughts on “About me: if only this were the least of my worries

  1. You said it yourself, they are VERY interested in your work. Follow your ‘feeling’. You have the other option in your back pocket just in case. You should be proud that you currently have options and I look forward to your progress.

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  2. I too, hate the idea of waiting when my books are complete. But to have them show interest… and that they’re on your MDL, I’d suggest waiting until the next opening and submit immediately, that way you’ll be as close to the top of the pile as possible. If they still come back with, ‘we love it, but…’, then they probably don’t want it after all.

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