Some thoughts of no one of particular consequence

An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

I love opinions, particularly ones that are based on fact and/or knowledge. Especially my own. It has never been a secret amongst those who know me that I love the sound of my own voice. To a point. I find word vomit so intolerable, I make great efforts to know what the fuck I’m going on about, because I for one do not appreciate rides to school from ignorant twats.

As a junior in high school, I had to take Communication Arts (it was that or fucking basket weaving, or some such garbage), and found that I loved writing speeches as much as I did listening to them. I would daydream about one day writing speeches for the President of the United States. I’m glad I stayed the course (even though my daydream was totally realistic), honing my craft to accomplish my ultimate goal to become a published author/novelist—an honorable field of work. Not to say that speech writing for presidents and politicians is a shit job…it’s just that I have a conscience, and I could not write (technically speaking, I could) a mouthful of rhetoric for a paycheck. If I’m going to mind fuck people, let it be through fiction, yeah?

Honestly, I cannot believe how easily manipulated people are in the hands of our political leaders and presidential candidates. Especially presidential candidates—they fill stadiums to maximum capacity with people hungry for word vomit. And people sit in their living rooms listening to these candidates (nominees) say things like, “I will do this, and I will do that, and no one is going to stop me!” Hello?! Anyone who actually believes the President of the United States can fulfill every fucking promise he or she made while running needs to enroll in high school level government class, because that’s where these fuckwits should have learned about the fucking functions of each branch of government in the first place.

It is my esteemed opinion that members of Congress and SCOTUS should be subject to term limitations. And! I think more people would pay closer attention to our senators and vote more intelligently if those running for Senate had to campaign much like our presidential candidates campaign. Jesus Christ, the government is supposed to work for us, not against us. Why aren’t we making these asshats earn their fucking obscene wages? No. The better question: How?

P.S. Political parties suck—they contribute to the divide of our nation.

7 thoughts on “Some thoughts of no one of particular consequence

  1. There have been several changes to the way that Congress is elected since the Founders, so it’s not unthinkable; it is, however, a challenge to get people to vote against their own self-interest.

    One of the ways that the later Roman Empire (not necessarily the best example in a number of ways) secured widespread participation in higher offices is by having a high turnover. Would limiting the term of office of senators or House members achieve the same effect, or would it end up maximizing selfish grabs by people who knew they didn’t have a long takeoff strip? If one sticks around for a long time in a public office, one would think that such a one would acquire a more “slow-and-steady-wins-the-race” type of approach…on the whole.


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    1. I don’t know…I’m just so frustrated, like many, and I feel like there needs to be change. We won’t unless we try. You raise good questions–questions that should not be taken lightly. I think most would agree that maximizing the ability for self-serving politicians to rape the American people even harder would have a devastating outcome. Fuuuhhh…it all seems so hopeless.


  2. ‘Fuckwits’, ha. But yeah those self professed professionals certainly get paid for doing crap all. My dog could copy and paste speeches as easily. They could call it a retro phase like designers do. Lazy arses. But this is or has become alarming and our only hope is that the general electorate not the rowdy rabble rousers who actually believe in walls and ingest the vomit disappear for the day and let decent people vote…so come out, come out wherever you are, fun’s over..

    Nicely put but you area bad influence. lol

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