About me: life as an Empath and other bullshit that causes wicked sensory overload


Artwork: Elena Vizerska

  1. I become intensely overwhelmed in crowded places for three reasons a) I don’t like being touched because I’m always in pain, (Fibromyalgia and a heaping serving of Osteoarthritis) and one accidental bump ruins lives–you feel me? b) I am easily irritated with myself due to cognitive impairment, and with others because c) I am highly attuned to the negative energy belonging to those who feel like being douche-bags at at any given moment.
  2. I can’t always trust my intuition that something’s wrong because I also live with a bastard called OCD–compulsive fears and thoughts of death, and accidents…fuuuhh…
  3. I just know shit. If you’re lying to my face, motherfucker, I know. If you’re omitting details, I know. Knowing I’m being taken for a ride is the yuckiest feeling.
  4. I will analyze the fuck out of everything. It’s so tiresome.
  5. People think I’m their personal shrink. I love my friends and family, and I am always happy to help figure their shit out, but when someone comes to me with the same problems over and over and over again…this bitch needs to get paid. There needs to be compensation for adding to my list of shit I have to deal with every day.
  6. My heart breaks every day over injustice–sexism, racism, rape, rich white boys getting away with rape, everything-I-disagree-with-or-don’t-understand-a-phobia, abused animals, abused humans, political corruption, moral corruption, murders, willful ignorance, selfishness…just…ugliness. I can actually feel myself absorbing the negative energy.
  7. I can’t get enough quiet time some days. I’m not depressed, or acting like a moody bitch (okay, so I can be a moody bitch sometimes, but mostly I just cry a lot) I require solitude–ample opportunity to recharge emotionally. Is that too much to ask?

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