Icicle Prick

So pretty to look at, so perfectly sharp!

I was compelled to touch you–

You invited me to touch you,

Only to prick my innocent fingertip.


Crimson droplets dappled the snow, and you laughed

At my tears. “Why?” I cried. “Why?”

A cool prism, you glared at me,

“It’s your own damn fault, darling, you pressed too hard.”


I reached up for you and plucked you from your friends.

Craaack!  A cold so hateful, I

Thought you might blister my pink palms.

But I held tight, squeezing you with both hands. You


Began to grow thinner and thinner. Then I

Was the one laughing as you

Drained away, running down my arms

And puddling at my feet. I used to love


You. You never loved me. Now you won’t hurt me

Ever again.




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